Funeral Services

A Funeral Is...For the Living!

It provides the setting and opportunity to celebrate a life that has been lived.

When a loved one dies, it is always a difficult time. Emotions run high. We may feel anger, confusion, sadness, or may even feel emotionally numb.

It is often difficult to know what to say or how to begin to deal with our loss, or how to say good-bye.

The funeral service is a way to bring caring people together - to lend support and to help each other through this difficult time. Helping family and friends work through some of these difficulties is what a funeral service provides. Nothing can fill the emptiness when a loved one is gone, but the healing begins sooner with the support of our friends.

Whenever we lose someone close to us, we feel grief. Grief can be very painful. It can be consuming. A funeral allows mourners to express their grief, and to share it with each other. It stimulates conversation about the deceased, which is an important first step toward accepting the death. Without this opportunity, many people have experienced much more difficulty resolving their grief.

The reality of death needs to be accepted not only on an intellectual basis, but on an emotional level as well. This is the foundation for funerals that are preceded by an open-casket visitation.

Research has shown that this process has marked effect on the grieving process, and helps the healing begin.

At our Funeral Home We Offer All Types Of Services

  • Traditional Services
  • Cremation
  • Combination Type Services

Our Goal is to help you find the service that best expresses your needs and wishes.


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